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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls in Renton

Retaining walls serve multiple purposes; they are a barrier between your property and everything outside your property line and they also keep soil from erosion, which can be caused by rainwater as well as sprinkler/irrigation systems. Besides their practical uses, they can also look beautiful and increase the value of your home. Economy landscaping will provide added beauty to your home while ensuring utmost functionality. We are your retaining walls seattle contractor!

At Economy Landscaping, before and during the construction of your retaining wall, we take many precautions. We ensure your wall will be sturdy enough to retain the slope and that it will hold up against the strongest weather mother nature can throw at it.

We will help you consider any available options such as adding a patio, a bench, or even stairs into your wall design. We can build your retaining wall using many materials such as boulders, concrete sting, limestone, keystone blocks, wood, and more.

We will assess your individual needs and yard prior to recommending a type of retaining wall installation for your home.

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